Our Top 5 Valentine’s day weekend picks

Looking to do something special this Valentine’s day weekend with your significant other? Why not get away from London and hire a car on Drivy. The UK is jam-packed with secret wonders, tranquil beaches, perfect countryside backdrops and thriving city life. This list is endless, but we’ve picked our top 5 things for you to … Read more

5 tips to provide a 5-star rental

How do you achieve a 5-star rental? Now more than ever, people are relying on reviews and word of mouth recommendations from other like-minded customers to provide a true representation of what the service is actually like. This is no different here on Drivy. The reviews of our users is a crucial selling point for … Read more

DVLA Code: What is it and why do we need it?

Since the DVLA stopped issuing the paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence in June 2015, rental companies are now required to ask drivers for a DVLA code before they can rent out a vehicle. Now, many of our customers have been confused as to what a DVLA code is and why we ask for … Read more

The peer to peer industry: Learning to trust

We as individuals are slowly learning to trust, and the peer to peer industry is slowly shaping our habits. You have probably, without necessarily realising it, adapted to the change.   Here at Drivy, the sharing economy trend is at the heart of our business. We believe in utilising those cars that sit there aimlessly … Read more

Price Calendar: Flexible Pricing at your fingertips

At different points during the month, your listing will receive more or less booking requests, but how do you maximise your profits during busy periods and offer competitive pricing during quieter weekdays? Let us introduce you to the new price calendar that allows you to alter your price.   Fluctuating seasons   Demand fluctuates throughout … Read more

The 5 most frequently asked questions, answered!

Since the launch of Drivy in the UK, we have been responding to questions asked by our members and have compiled the most frequently asked questions into this post! From Insurance to the check-in and check-out process, here you will discover the ease of Drivy!   How does car insurance work with Drivy and will … Read more

10 low cost cleaning tips for your car

Nothing will satisfy your drivers more than discovering a squeaky clean car! It goes without saying, that a satisfied driver will share a positive review among the Drivy community. However, no matter what you do, rental after rental, your car always seems to end up a little dirty. Below are a few low cost and … Read more

Go the extra mile: Make drivers fall in love with your car

Since happy drivers share positive reviews – and that’s priceless – nurturing friendly relationships with them may be a good idea. To build positive word of mouth about your listing, you should start with offering convenient and quality rental experiences. Here’s a list of little extras you can leave in your car to give drivers … Read more

How to become an eco-friendly driver?

Not only will eco-friendly driving behaviour help reduce your car’s ecological footprint by limiting its greenhouse gas emissions but it will also reduce your fuel expenditure. Here’s a few useful tips to drive more fuel-efficiently and be more friendly to the planet. Good maintenance Changing the oil, replacing filters and checking the air pressure in … Read more

How to create the perfect listing

Show off your car! Take the time to take quality photos of your car. A well-lit background teamed with a quality camera will make your car look more attractive to potential renters. So brush up on your photography skills and take a few flattering shots.    Reminder: photos should never be taken at night or in … Read more